21.5 oz WoodWick Hourglass Candle

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21.5 WoodWick Hourglass Candle, crackles as it burns 

Vanilla Bean: Warm, natural scent of pure vanilla bean.

Palm Leaf: Lush greens and a medley of tropical fruits, with undertones of vanilla and coconut.

Coastal Sunset: Sun-kissed blossoms, inviting coconut nuances, and salty ocean air capture the warm glow of the coast.

White Teak: Crisp balsam branches mixed with sandalwood and oak, with hints of tree moss and cedarwood.

White Honey: Sweet candied orange blossom with cascading vanilla orchid and roasted toffee.

Lavender Spa: Recreate a day at the spa with the relaxing scents of specially blended lavender and eucalyptus essential oils.

Linen: The incredible freshness of line dried linens combined with subtle hints of citrus and fruit

Spiced Blackberry: A rich blackberry and cinnamon filling inside a flaky, vanilla-drizzled danish.

 Island Coconut: Juicy pineapple blended with creamy coconut creates the perfect tropical treat.

Humidor: A medley of aged tobacco leaves, aged leather and ambered musk.

Wood Smoke: The genuine scents of cedar and glowing embers create the nostalgic comfort of a crackling fire.

Palo Santo: Palo Santo woods mingle with spiced cloves and musky deep notes.

Magnolia: Sweet magnolia blossoms intermingled with nuances of green leaves and white florals.

 Smoked Walnut & Maple: An indulgent combination of smoked woods and charred nuts sweetened with maple.

Evening Bonfire: The inviting scent of warm woods brings forth memories of cool nights around a smoldering fire with your dearest friends.

Indigo Suede: An intoxicating pairing of leather and patchouli layered with notes of violet, cypress, and amber.

Fireside: This signature fragrance features the natural scents of amber, vetiver and a smooth musk to perfectly capture the feeling of a cozy evening spent by a warm fire.